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A lifelong interest in storytelling led me to spend the first five years of my professional life in the film and television industry. Although I have worked in various departments over the years, I specialize in post-production and have predominately served as a VFX editor and senior digital dailies technician for various feature films and series.

After receiving several opportunities to work in Europe and gaining inspiration to start my own company, I switched my focus to software development. I currently focus on frontend and full-stack with strong interests in product management, data analytics, UX/UI, and business intelligence. I am passionate about writing clean, efficient code in order to increase productivity, improve design and functionality, and deliver dynamic improvements and features of to products and services in various industries.

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Frontend Developer @ HRS Group Sept 2019 - Current

After acquiring conichi, HRS Group focused on improving their existing payment solution for hotels and corporate travelers, known as Invisible Pay

  • Redesigned & built component-based web applications with React & Redux
  • Worked closely with backend to integrate various databases with GraphQL & Apollo
  • Created & refined tickets for CI/CD of all apps
  • Technical writing of solution design documents for new features and integrations
  • Cross-functional collaboration with UX, Product, QA, & Marketing departments

Frontend Developer @ conichi Jan 2019 - Sept 2019

Startup streamlining the checkin/checkout and payment processes of corporate travelers via their web-based product suite, Smarthotel

  • Piloted the implementation of a custom analytics service for Angular app
  • Reduced redundancies and improved render times by creating reusable components and modularizing the existing application¬†architecture
  • Cross-functional¬†collaboration with Customer Support, QA, & Marketing

Sr. Digital Dailies Technician @ SIM International Sept 2014 - Jan 2019

As a dailies technician, I have two main repsonsibilities. The first is to handle the data wrangling and asset management of the media that comes from set. The second responsibility to to act as a liaison between various departments in the workflow pipeline.

  • Led onsite teams around the US, in Paris, FR & Prague, CR
  • Setup, ran & maintained dailies offices
  • Solely responsible for asset management, cataloguing & archiving
  • Work with producers, directors, & supervisors in multiple departments

  • For more details about this position, download my CV .

VFX Editor @ Crafty Apes, LLC Feb 2017 - Sept 2017

Crafty Apes is an award-winning, bi-coastal VFX studio where I served as the company's first VFX Editor. After identifying the needs of the company, I was given free reign to create a VFX editor workflow that would improve the efficiency of Crafty Apes' three offices while preserving their existing workflow pipelines. I dove head first into the challege of forging a new position and worked to create a standard for the role of VFX editor that helped to improve the quality control and timeliness of turnovers.

  • Ensured assignment completion across multiple projects based on creative & technical specifications
  • Organized & published client notes & changes in planned work
  • Collaborated with supervisors & artists regarding changes to task assignments, priorities, etc.

  • For more details about this position, download my CV .

General Production Roles, Freelance 2012-Current

Even though I specialize in post-production, I still enjoy working on set and I continue to sign-on for opportunities in production to work with people and on projects that I enjoy.


Software Development



GraphQL + Apollo


Javascript (ES6+)




React.js + Redux


Ruby + Rails






Da Vinci


Nuke Studio


After Effects

Colorfront Express Dailies


Media Encoder

Other Skills

Business Development

Project Management

Critical Thinking

Initiative and Autonomy

Product Management

Technical Writing


Le Wagon Coding School is 360-hour, 9-week intensive fullstack coding bootcamp. It has campuses in over 25 cities in 19 countries, and their mission is to bring coding skills to creative people who aim to create their own startup, or add a technical know-how to their skillset.

I attended Le Wagon's 153rd batch in Barcelona, Spain where I applied former self-taught programming skills to their intensive courses.

Le Wagon's core curriculum includes lessons on:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • APIs
  • Data scraping
  • MVC design
  • SQL

Columbia College Chicago is a premier arts and media education institution offering more than 100 programs in visual arts, media and digital arts, fine and performing arts, business and management, and music and sound. Rigorously creative and academically inspired, Columbia provides students with a strong foundation in business, technology and liberal arts and sciences to prepare them for career success.

I graduated Cum Laude from their highly-praised film program in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Arts and Sciences with a concentration in post-production.

After receiving the Capstone Academic Scholarship, I attended Howard University in Washington, DC. Originally I pursued a B.A. in English with a minor in Film Studies, however I transfered from the University after my sophomore year after reprioritizing my career goals and discovering a well-respected film program in my hometown.

After moving back to my hometown of Chicago from the east coast, I transferred to Jones College Preparatory. Long regarded as one of Illinois' top high schools, Jones College Prep is selective enrollment magnet school located in the heart of downtown Chicago.

I graduated with honors in 2009.

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